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Carole C.

‘Creation’ is so beautiful, Rich. I hung it this afternoon and then watched in amazement as a ceiling light caught the copper sun when I walked toward it from a different angle; the color just burst alive with light. Later, the painting itself seemed to rest as rain passed the window and the day darkened. I’m really thrilled with the piece. It’s both calming and exciting and a pleasure to have in my home. Thank you.

Carole C. - Florida

Cheryl B.

We received our copper art this evening and we’re very pleased with it. It’s already hanging above our fireplace and is perfect for that space.

Since we’re retired from a ranch in western ND, we wanted something to remind us of our prairie grasslands. This piece does that in a very unique way. I’m so glad my husband found your website and we were able to obtain such a high quality piece of art. The colors are beautiful and we’re looking forward to enjoying many years of viewing our “Grassland”. Cheryl

Cheryl B. - North Dakota

Frank M.

I purchased the art as a gift to give to my wife as a seventh anniversary present. She loves it and so do I. The pictures on the web site do not do the actual peice enough justice. We both love the way the copper glints when light falls upon it and the contrast of colours raised from the patina set it off perfectly. It will serve as a constant reminder to us of some wonderful holidays in Greece.
I was in touch with Richard at Copperhand throughout the transaction and being an international customer, he kept me in the loop at all times with the progress of the art and with the delivery.
I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Rich!
Frank M.,
Hampshire, England.

Frank M. - England

Elizabeth N.

I recently bought this piece as a gift and it is truly stunning! Rich (the copperhand artist) was a pleasure to work with and provided continual updates on the status of the artwork as it was en route from CA to NY. I really appreciate all of the time he spent ensuring I received the artwork and was happy with it. Thank you again!

Elizabeth N. - New York

Kate L.

This art literally took my breath away when I first saw it on the website — and the reality is even more beautiful. It’s everything I hoped for — and more!

Kate L. - Washington

Shawn H.

This is even more lovely in person. It changes throughout the day as the light filters into the room. Simply beautiful. Excellent presentation for hanging on the wall. Highly recommend!

Shawn H. - New Jersey

Matthew W.

We both love it! What the pictures can’t show is the texture of the artwork. It looks different depending on the time of day and the direction of the light. When the light hits the bare copper areas the artwork really shines! It’s a beautiful piece of artwork and Rich was great in making sure we received it in time for our anniversary! We’d definitely make another purhase from Copperhand!

Matthew W. - Texas

Gerald S.

I bought “Pine” for my wife for our 22nd wedding anniversary. The modern gift for the 22nd anniversary is copper, so I searched for copper art. I of course found the usual stuff like copper sunbursts and other sculptures. However, I wanted something different. Then I found Copperhand! Wow! this was just what I was looking for! I sneekily got my wife to pick the one she liked best out of several choices, and “Pine” was it. I must say when We received the piece the wife was ecstatic, I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction! I must say the pictures do not do the work justice! To see it up close is the best way to appreciate the beauty and quality of Rich’s work! I will more than likely buy another piece! If you are looking for unique and beautiful art piece this is the place!

Gerald S. - Utah

Cheryl B.

Our Syrah Triptych is beautiful, with just the right balance of colors. The copper tones, especially of the large grape leaves, change hue with the lighting and angle of viewing.

This is our second piece of copper art from Copperhand Studio and it more than exceeded our expectations.

Cheryl B. - North Dakota

Michael G.

We ordered this artwork from across the country and it beautifully fit with our family room decor. The website was instrumental in helping us make our decision to purchase. We will definitely return to Richard Hawk for other artwork needs in the future.

Michael G. - Pennsylvania

Michael T.

The piece goes so well in our home, we absolutely love it. The detail of the copper and patina is amazing! We have received so many compliments on the piece. Thanks Rich!

Michael T. - Florida

Robyn M.

It has arrived! I love it! Thank you so much Rich – the copper looks amazing particularly when the sun shines on it and the colours are amazing. You did a wonderful job. Looks great on the wall! Love it and can’t wait for my family to see it 🙂

Robyn M. - Australia

Wilson & Bena L.

We have received the art and it matches our house perfectly! Attach with 2 pics for your viewing and thank you for the great work!

Wilson & Bena L. - Singapore

Patricia F.

Found this online and was concerned about the color being different but when the pieces arrived, I was not disappointed at all. It is beautiful and love the fact that it refects the light. I did not expect that. Everyone that has seen the art, loves it.

Patricia F. - Kansas